What is ASICap

What is ASICap?

ZWO has developed many different types of astrophotography software to enhance your user experience along with their astrophotography dedicated cameras. One of the options you have is ASIStudio, an astronomy software package developed by ZWO, which currently includes ASICap, ASIImg and ASILive.

  • ASICap——specialized in planetary imaging.
  • ASIImg —— specialized in DSO imaging for desktop.
  • ASILive—— specialized in live stacking.


ASICap is one part of ZWO’s three-part software package. It can be used for planetary, solar and lunar imaging. The UI is simple to understand so you can easily adjust settings, such as resolution, exposure, time, and gain.

What are the Benefits of ASIStudio

While ASIStudio is still being developed to its ultimate goal, there are many advantages from the software as it is presented now. Check out some of its features below!

1. Complimentary to ASI Cameras
You can download the software from any appropriate platform to support your ASI camera.


2. Better support for ASI cameras


3. Easier learning curve for Amateur Astronomers
Experience its user-friendly features, like a simple, intuitive user interface and more convenient operations.


4. More specialized software
Instead of using one software program to combine planetary/solar/lunar imaging, DSO imaging, and live stacking into one software, ASIStudio breaks them down into three separate dedicated programs.

Some new features are under development. For example, the FITS viewer will also be added as a gadget. Once it is added as a gadget, you won’t need to download the entire software package for just a single feature! For example, purchase and download Maxim DL to view a FITS file.


5. Cross platform support
ASIStudio currently supports Windows 32-bit/64-bit, macOS, Linux (64-bit only).


Overall, ASICap, as part of the ASIStudio, provides astronomers with more flexibility for imaging and post-processing for planetary imaging. Check out our guide on the best planetary cameras for some gear inspiration and perfect complement to the ASICap software.

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Leave any comments below. Clear skies!

6 thoughts on “What is ASICap?

  1. TASSE

    where can I find ASICAP on your website? (I did not succeed, it is for a ZWO asi120MM).
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.

  2. JL

    I also did not find the ASICAP download on your software page. If you as the administrator will follow the link as you have listed it above, you will see that it does not exist on the page you directed us to. Are you sure that ASICAP is the correct label, or is it labeled as something else?

  3. Lori Wooten

    why is my preview on asicap so bas I can’t see stars I could when I first used it and I get a preview in APT but now I just see noise

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hi Lori,

      We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with that! No stars appearing on your preview image could be for a number of reasons, but here are a few things you can try:

      1. Make sure there is nothing covering the front of the lens/telescope (like a lens cap)
      2. Keep increasing your exposure to be somewhere between 1-10 seconds until stars appear
      3. If you’re seeing a lot of noise, try turning down the gain

      If you’re still having trouble, feel free to contact OPT here: https://optcorp.com/pages/contact-us


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