Best Deep Space Cameras For Beginners

The Top Beginner Space Cameras by ZWO

If this is your first time buying a deep space camera, enjoy the extra help with the highlighted features for each ZWO camera below. Also enjoy some OPT team featured images using these beginner space cameras!

These cameras make great planetary cameras too, but they’re best for deep space imaging. Before we get started, here is a quick deep space imaging setup checklist. Click here for more astrophotography setup advice.

Beginner Deep Space Astrophotography Setup Checklist

  • Deep space camera
  • Acquisition software/hardware – ZWO ASIAIR Pro
  • Filter Wheel and Filters (optional)
  • Electronic Focus (optional)
  • Guide scope/Off-Axis Guider
  • Guide Camera
  • Telescope or Camera Lens
  • GoTo, Electronic Tracking Equatorial Mount

Get comfortable as we look into the details of the best ZWO deep space cameras for beginners. Let’s jump in!



First on our list is the ASI533MC PRO. This camera has made our top list because of the features it provides at its price point. You can capture galaxies and nebulae in incredible detail. Check out the specs below!

beginner space cameras

Drew Evans took this amazing photo of NGC7000 using the ASI533MC PRO!ZWO ASI533mc Pro Drew EvansClick here for more specs and details of the ASI533MC PRO.


ZWO ASI294MC PRO Deep Space Camera

Like the ZWO ASI553MC PRO the ZWO ASI294MC PRO expands its features like a wider field of view, saving you time with capturing more objects in one frame.

beginner space cameras

Check out this stunning capture by Drew Evans of the Rosette Nebula using a ZWO ASI294MC PRO!ZWO ASI294mc pro Drew EvansClick here to learn more about what makes the ZWO ASI294MC one of the best deep space cameras for beginners!



The ASI183MM PRO can take your short focal length telescope deeper than ever. With a high-resolution small sensor and ultra-high quantum efficiency both the color and monochrome versions of this camera compete with the big sensors! Not to mention this camera can double up as a planetary/solar camera using ROI.

beginner space camerasClick here to check out more specs.



Finally, but not least, we’re putting the ASI1600MM PRO on our best deep space cameras for beginner’s guide. The ASI1600MM PRO is a powerhouse of a camera and more when paired with 36 mm filters. This deep space camera is can push at a maximum of 40 to 45 degrees below the ambient temperature. Like most ZWO cooled cameras, it has a short back focus, making it very adaptable to almost any telescope system.

ZWO ASI1600mm Pro

Check out these beautiful images captured by Mack Murdoc with the ASI1600MM PRO!ZWO ASI1600mm ProClick here to check out more specs.

Whichever you choose, these cameras make great options as beginner deep space cameras for their price point and the specs they provide at their price point.  Let us know what you think about these amazing ZWO astronomy cameras in the comments below!

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