How to use a ZWO ASI Camera

How to use a ZWO ASI Camera

ZWO ASI cameras are one of the most popular astrophotography cameras for their innovation, attention to detail in products, and quality performance. If you’re looking for a refresher or curious how it works read on to learn some of the most basic processes for using a ZWO camera for the first time.  

How to install ZWO driver and software for WindowsZWO ASI Camera

  1. Download and install the appropriate ZWO software onto your computer located here.  
  2. After plugging in the camera, you will see your ZWO camera model listed under the “imaging devices” category of the Device Manager if the driver is installed successfully.  
  3. Download and install SharpCap or other astronomy image capture software from their website or CD-ROM to test your ZWO camera. 
  4. Choose your camera model from the camera menu. 
  5. A preview video will show up. Keep in mind that you will only see some brightness in the preview video without lens or scope. 


How to attach a ZWO camera to your telescope

How to use a ZWO ASI Camera


  1. Take off the lens from your ZWO camera 
  2. Screw the nose-piece on your ZWO camera using appropriate backfocus distance. Your camera sensor back focus is very important for deep sky imaging on larger sensors.  A ZWO guide for backfocus is located here.
  3. Connect the USB cable to your ZWO camera and PC or use the ASIAir Pro and ZWO EAF for controlling focus. 
  4. Focus your telescope so your camera image is sharp and you can begin imaging!


Click here to see the quick setup guide and more troubleshooting by ZWO. 

Whichever you choose, these cameras make great options as beginner deep space cameras for their price point and the specs they provide at their price point.  Let us know what you think about these amazing ZWO astronomy cameras in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “How to use a ZWO ASI Camera

  1. Gary W Thomas

    Is it possible to use wifi to pair my ZWO ASI224MC to my laptop. If not, this might be a feature for future versions.

  2. Ray Reyna

    Since your ASIAIR PRO 1.5 UPGRAGE neather my ASI120MC-S nor my ASIS174MM MINI will function as guide cameras!
    Thanks for knocking out my entire ability for deep sky astrophotography. Now it seems I will have little choice then but to cancel my order for the ASIAIR PLUS seeing that it will just be another paperweight.


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